A specific application of our Scenario Analytics technology allows us to rapidly uncover new connections and leads (the ‘unknown-knowns’) in digital forensic case libraries.

Organisations that have a library of digital forensic data (for example historical cases) are not generally in a position to cross-check data in a new case against insights from that library and hence uncover previously unknown intelligence. Doing so requires a particular type of high-speed data analytic tools and mechanisms that can check ‘all-against-all’. Scenario Forensics does this and produces actionable intelligence for its users.

Scenario Forensics processes case data without the need for forensic analysts to have undertaken any investigation work in advance. We export case data from standard forensic tools and then operate on that data independently of any other investigation
work that you may undertake. Our intelligence results improve the efficiency of both analysts and forensic investigators. Because we work on a copy of data from your standard forensic tool, it is impossible for us to accidentally corrupt or degrade the
evidential quality of the data in your repository.

By operating in parallel with human analyst driven forensic investigations we are able to enhance those investigations by uncovering the unknown known facts early and without creating a critical resource bottleneck.

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