Finding 'unknown-knowns' in your data: Scenario Analytics

The Unknown-Knowns in your data: the things for which others with 20-20 hindsight will blame you, after the event, for not finding

So often, after a catastrophic event, we learn “it was in their data all along”. But why is this? After all, the responsible people were experienced and motivated to find “it” in their data, but did not.

There are, in fact, systemic reasons why “it” is not found. Generally, “it” is rare, hard to describe, tedious to search for, and anyway other vital things are there for your analysts attention.

Welcome to the world of the unknown-knowns: the vital data you didn’t know you had.

Primary Key Associates has developed a powerful technology and approach – we call it Scenario Analytics – to find these unknown-unknowns. Scenario Analytics does just that: it finds the instances of scenarios in your data which, were you to know of their existence, you would worry about.

Specifically, Scenario Analytics is engineered to quickly and securely process large data volumes from a variety of sources; looking for complex scenarios to find the unknown-knowns. The scenarios are described in a declarative language, which focuses on “what I want to find” rather than “how to find it”, so that scenarios are both fast to develop and expressive.

We are offering Scenario Analytics as both a service and a technology. For more details on the technology, download our flyer, and for more details on commercial use, please contact us.

If you think you have unknown-knowns in your data you need Scenario Analytics.

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