Digital Investigation

What is Digital Investigation?

Digital investigation covers a wide range of subjects and disciplines but its primary purpose is to recover and present digital evidence of verifiable provenance, integrity and evidential weight that can be relied upon to establish the activities of human and digital actors.

Digital evidence is used frequently in civil and criminal justice, cyber risk management and response, and personal data privacy protection.

Our proposition

We provide digital investigation support and forensic analysis services over a wide range of information and computer systems. We conduct our investigations in accordance with the ACPO Good Practice Guide for Digital Evidence and have substantial experience of preparing evidence for both criminal and civil matters.

We act independently and provide our services for prosecution, defence or as single joint experts for both parties.

Although our cases cover a variety of legal subjects, we have developed particular expertise in the following areas:

  • The investigation of the mechanisms of digital rights infringement and copyright theft in the broadcast, entertainment and media industries.
  • The investigation of the circumstances around the failure or poor performance of IT projects, including software and hardware development, service provision and support activities.
  • The investigation of insider threat related incidents including physical security and locks.


We produce reports that are readily understandable

We believe that one of the most challenging aspects of digital investigation is to make the results of that investigation readily understandable by juries and legal professionals.

While we make routine use of industry standard forensic investigation tools, rather than produce substantial volumes of pre-canned results, we interpret and explain the evidence we discover to produce readily understandable analyses of what are becoming increasingly broad and voluminous levels of evidential data.

We prepare our reports in accordance with Civil or Criminal Procedure Rules as appropriate.

We will attend hearings, tribunals or court to give evidence in chief

In any investigation that leads to formal proceedings it is vital that any evidence presented can be relied upon. We conduct all our investigations and prepare all our reports in the expectation that we will be required to present our findings by giving evidence in chief and being subject to cross-examination.

Our track record

Our principals have undertaken in excess of one hundred digital investigation cases, the majority relating to criminal matters.

We have been instructed by leading law firms and multinational companies. We can provide client references if required.

We would like to talk to you

If you feel that you need digital investigation services please call us. We will schedule a free-of charge initial exploratory teleconference between us so we can understand your requirements and learn more of your needs and objectives.

We use this initial discussion to draw up a letter of engagement between us that lets us work together quickly at what can be a critical time during which we will need to preserve digital and other evidence.