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Our Knowledge Bank contains short topic summaries and links to a variety of flyers and white paper publications that we hope will help inform you of our products, services, expertise and opinions. We don’t require you to register to download any of them, please do let us know if you would like any further information on any of the topics.

What has Go got to do with analytics?

Computer Go has long been regarded as a challenge to computers, and it was only recently that Google’s AlphaGo achieved success playing a Go master.

Strangely, however, the challenges of getting a computer to play Go well are similar to some of those faced in data analytics…

The Unknown-Knowns in your data

So often, after a catastrophic event, we learn “it was in their data all along”. But why is this? After all, the responsible people were experienced and motivated to find “it” in their data, but did not.

There are, in fact, systemic reasons why “it” is not found, and in that lies the solution to the problem of the unknown-knowns: the vital data you didn’t know you had….

The Tipping Point of big data

The laws of data analytics – specifically the running times of algorithms – combined with the inexorable growth of data, mean that one day, within a few years, it will no longer be economic to analyse big data.  How can that tipping point be identified, and what can be done about it?…

Secure data analytics

Recent developments in data protection law are increasing the burdens on data owners and processors, so they are liabile for data loss even where the loss is due to the criminal actions of a third party.  How can advanced technologies help reduce this vulnerability?

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Scenario Forensics

A specific application of our Scenario Analytics technology allows us to rapidly uncover new connections and leads (the ‘unknown-knowns’) in digital forensic case libraries.