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Our Knowledge Bank contains short topic summaries and links to a variety of flyers and white paper publications that we hope will help inform you of our products, services, expertise and opinions. We don’t require you to register to download any of them, please do let us know if you would like any further information on any of the topics.

Agile Security Evaluation

Agile Security Evaluation is a process for undertaking security assessment throughout the lifetime of an Agile project.

It avoids the lengthy evaluation and accreditation process that takes place before a project can be released into production in previous approaches.

We work with you to ensure that your business security requirements (acknowledging business risk appetite) remain satisfied throughout the project lifetime.

Forensic Readiness for users of SaaS and Cloud Services

Many businesses now rely on outsourced service providers for both their office system (Software as a Service) and Cloud based data storage.

Investigating security incidents in such diverse implementations can represent a real challenge if they have not been implemented to facilitate digital forensic analysis.

It is rare now that a commercial client of a cloud services provider can mandate their own forensic readiness requirements, typically at best they get to choose from a variety of levels of audit data that the provider can make available.

So what should you do?

Digital Investigation

The primary purpose of digital investigation is to establish the activities of human and digital actors in a manner that can be relied upon in court.

We have particular expertise in digital rights infringement, copyright theft, the failure or poor performance of IT projects, and insider threat related incidents including physical security and locks.

We specialise in producing reports that allow juries and legal professionals to readily understand complex technical issues.

Expert Witnesses

An expert witness is someone accepted by a judge to provide specialised scientific or technical opinion on the evidence or facts before a court.

We act independently in both criminal and civil cases and provide our services for the prosecution, defence or as single joint experts for both parties.

Our experts have given evidence in chief in Magistrates, Crown and High Courts and in General Medical Council and Solicitor’s Regulatory Authority tribunals.


Cryptography underpins much of our modern lives. We rely upon it for banking, shopping, travel, communication and privacy.

Yet quite often a poorly specified or implemented cryptographic system will expose individual’s identities and information and severely compromise the businesses involved.

As experts in security and cryptography we can help you address the complexity of properly designing, implementing and testing your cryptographic systems.

Scale-up Support

Scale-up is when a business or organisation is facing such a high rate of change or growth (or both) that the existing organisational structures are no longer working or fit for purpose.

Scaling-up can expose your business or organisation to a degree of instability that you have not experienced before and which could threaten the security of your day-to-day operations and ongoing growth.

Our Principals and Associates are highly skilled in all areas of business-driven security and have worked extensively in start-ups, scale-ups and large corporates. We understand the need for the security controls in a scale-up to be cost-effective, proportionate and business enabling so we follow a business-driven approach using SABSA™.