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Primary Key Associates is organised as seven practices:-

1 - Social Media Analytics

Personnel Protection - Service

pdf Keep your key staff safe from the threats that the Primary Key Illuminate service can detect.

Intellectual Property Protection - Service

pdfUse Primary Key Illuminate to find out who is pirating your IP assets or counterfeiting your products, and how they are being illegally sold. Discover who is infringing your patents, or find prior art to invalidate patents you are being accused of infringing.

Social Media Business Intelligence - Service


The Illuminate Alerting service uses advance algorithms to discover incipient trends in social media about your venture, before the story breaks, giving you time to take action.

2 - Data Analytics and Visualisation

Data Mining - Project

We can help you mine your data - even big data - for hidden value, such as crime or marketing insights.

Data Mining Technology - Licensing

pdfOur extensive technology is available for licensing and integration into your systems, apps, and services.

Data Mining - Consultancy

Based on 30 years of experience, we provide consultancy to help you use data analytics quickly and effectively.

3 - Investigation Services

Open Source - Consultancy

Our expert associates can conduct on-line investigation for such matters as due dilligence.

Competitive Intelligence - Service

Some of our technology - in particlar the ability to explore the dark web - originated for conducting competitive intelligence, which we offer as a service.

Fraud Detection - Project

pdfUsing Primary Key Distil, which is based on Baysean logic, we are highly effective at detecting fraud in transactions and corporate data.

4 - Legal Support

Evidential data processing - Project

We acquire and process data that may be relied upon in legal proceedings in an evidentially sound way as a precursor to our digital forensics and expert witness consultancy roles.

Digital Forensics - Consultancy

pdfWe offer investigation support and forensic analysis of a wide range of IT and computer systems, in line with the ACPO Good Practice Guide. We act in criminal and civil matters, for prosecution or defence.

Expert Witness - Consultancy

We offer registered expert witness support for clients' legal processes in both civil and criminal proceedings.

5 - Business Security

Cyber Security - Project

pdfOur expert team is second to none in providing a business-focused cyber security strategy, plans, and actions.

Secure Software Development - Project

We can provide all aspects of secure software development, from drivers through IOS and Android devices, to cryptographic systems.

Content and Site Security - Consultancy

Our experience makes us well placed to advise you on security, from IP content through to your office site. Our Associates have expertise in the design and installation of physical and logical security, such as locks, alarms, and CCTV.

6 - Consultancy

Horizon Scanning - Service

We actively monitor the development of IT systems and devices through literature, forums, conferences and investigation. We provide "early warning" of threats or opportunities, with an analysis as to how to defend or take advantage of a change.

Project Management - Consultancy

We offer our extensive programme and project management experience as consultancy.

Client Friend - Consultancy

pdfWe can place our knowledge experience on your side of the table when you are negotiating with suppliers or other third parties.

7 - Research and Development

IPR Development - Internal

We are actively building our IPR portfolio, especially in the field of analytics.

Patent Portfolio - Licensing

We are developing a patent portfolio in the field of cryptography, which is available for licensing.

Custom R & D - Consultancy

We can conduct custom R & D on your behalf.

Working with Primary Key Associates

Our offerings are available under one or more of these four models:

  1. As a service, in which we provide a specific managed service - such as social media analytics - for a monthly fee.
  2. As a technology for licensing and integration for specifically agreed financial models.
  3. As consultancy, based on our hourly rate.
  4. As a time-boxed project.

Call us on +44 (0) 1403 599900

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